How One Can Search For Freight Brokers Looking For Owner Operators?

If you are starting as an owner-operator, it can take time to search for a steady source of loads and a lot of cold calling. Some truckers may find truck loads through personal networks or signing contracts, but these are not the only options available. Thankfully, technology has made finding Freight brokers looking for owner operators faster and easier than ever. You can access things such as load boards, freight brokers, and other services over the internet to search for the loads that suit your business goals. Ideally, you will have enough well-paying loads lined up to make a significant profit by the end of the year. 

How to get loads for owner operators?

Once you are licensed and bonded, it is time to start making connections. As an owner-operator, you understand what both sides need for a successful, mutually beneficial transaction, and you likely already have some industry connections. Now the question arises of how to get loads for owner operators. To do so one needs to follow these steps such as –

. Using load boards

The way by which new freight brokers develop leads is by signing up for multiple online load boards, such as Hellhounds, DAT,, and many others. If you are currently a trucker, you are probably already familiar with these load boards. So that you will have an easier time maximizing your potential as a freight broker

. Doing networking

If you administer excellent customer service and fair pricing. You will quickly develop rapport with a list of potential repeat clients. Apart from this, you may also receive referrals for your outstanding service, particularly if you endeavor a cash referral bonus.  

. Develop a niche specialty

You might start to comprehend you are accepting freight from a lot of similar shippers and manufacturers. You may start to form an advanced knowledge on a certain industry within freight as distinct as fresh produce to plastic scrap. On the carrier side, you might comprehend that you are shipping a lot of freight within a certain region and start to cynosure on trucking companies. The goal is to build a reputation as an expert, which can make customers more likely to select and return you for their transport requirements. 

How to get freight contracts for owner operators?

A truck operator needs to meet certain government requirements, but most of these obligations involve simple paperwork and fees. Now the question is how to get freight contracts for owner operators. The ways by which you can get freight contracts for owner operators are such as –

. Use owner operator load boards

Load boards like benefit you find available loads that fit your freight type. You can even find specialized loads. With an industry-trusted load board like You can even use decision tools such as truck-to-load ratio and truck activity by origin and destination to confer the best rates possible. By making a name for yourself on various load boards. You can become a trusted logistic carrier to top brokers and shippers, thus enriching your business. 

. Work with a freight broker

If you are having trouble finding contracts with shippers on your own, you can also work with a freight broker. Freight brokers associate you with shippers who have loads to move. Broker’s benefit you find work, so you do not have to work directly with shippers. They will determine the load’s rates, match you with loads in specific locations, and connect you with loads that work for your schedule. 

. Contract with a dispatching service

Dispatchers might govern your schedule directly or reach out to you when they receive a call for truck services. There are two ways by which you can work with dispatchers i.e. you can hire your own truck operator or use a dispatching service. Hiring a dispatcher internally only makes sense if you engage multiple trucks under your authority, and you need someone to engage multiple drivers at once. If you are on your own, working with a dispatching service may make more impression. Dispatching services associate you directly with shippers or brokers while also doing some administrative work for which you do not have time. 

. Sourced directly from local shippers

Sourcing directly from shippers in your area is not always possible, but it is an option. If you can form relationships with shippers. You won’t have to split your profits with the various brokers or pay anyone else to find loads for you, thus reducing your operating expenses. It can be challenging to search for shippers who do not contract out consistent lanes with established carriers and companies. 

. Using load matching apps

Load matching apps are the latest innovation of finding the loads for owner-operators in the trucking industry. Load matching apps automatically engender a plan for your route. They factor in tasks like staging and loading to our routes for profit. Some apps can even benefit you to administer how you pack your loads based on your truck’s size and your container. 

Conclusion for Freight brokers looking for owner operators:

There are more ways than ever for shippers looking for owner-operators to find loads, get better rates, and make money. Technology has made it much easier to run your independent trucking business and get an exceptional view of the current freight market. The load boards can benefit you to search for the best freight brokers looking for owner operators, earning you more money per mile. If you are struggling to find consistent owner operator loads, start with a load board demo.  

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