International Freight Shipping (Air & Ocean)

The term international shipping is basically a process that helps with the import and export of goods. So, this process of importing and exporting goods will happen between different countries via ocean air and over the road. Moreover, it is a complex process to move your freight over the border. Also, there might be many rules and regulations that have to be followed attentively. If you want to successfully import and export your freight, you should have knowledge of all the specific policies of International Freight Shipping (Air & Ocean).

As well as, collect all the paperwork, so that your freight can easily pass through customs clearance. Moreover, it is completely more intricate that every country has its own rules and regulations. Yes, those rules have to be adhered to at the time of International Freight Shipping (Air & Ocean).

In addition to this, there are some countries that have stricter policies than others. For certain products, there might be a far better way to import all those products. For more clarity, we can give you an example of Canada, which has a list of prohibited items to import. Also, get conveniently overseas freight.

As well, it has some specific text regulations also. Therefore, before doing your international freight shipping as a business, you need to understand all the important regulations. As well, you need to use all those professional freight forwarding services for your benefit as well. 


Once you’re free, it hits the port, so it will definitely need your assistance in getting to its final destination. Yes, of course, we can easily coordinate with domestic freight shipments like that are available in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada as well. Along with this, we have a robust network of carriers. Therefore, these can easily handle LTL, TL, intermodal, heavy haul, volume, expedited and any other means. Therefore, the LGOA services can easily help your freight shipment get delivered to your final destination without any trouble. 

Moreover, there is no need to worry about your freight. As well, we are providing additional insurance that will be completely available to give you complete security of your freight. Also, there will be complete assistance in getting help to plan the exit route of travel that will be only for your freight. Therefore, it will completely help you to ensure your cargo arrives intact and on time without any delay. Overseas freight can be done in a while for you.


As an additional piece of information, there is a state which is outside the continent of Puerto Rico. So, the cargo will be transported as International Freight Shipping (Air & Ocean) to get delivered on time.

Furthermore, if you want to send shipments to Puerto Rico, so far you can easily track them to the port of Fort Lauderdale. After this, the ocean freight can easily make the delivery for you. 

Along with this, if you want to ship shipments to Hawaii, then you can also take them to a port in California. Therefore, it will be done before forwarding the freight via ocean container as well. 


Suppose you are transporting your goods from the United States to Canada and vice versa, so there will be some customs paperwork. Also, there will be duty restrictions that will be part of your transportation. Along with this, for completing the paperwork and explaining the intricacies of crossing the Canadian border, there will be an experienced freight agent. Definitely, he can escort you to complete all the requirements regarding your shipment. 

For your better knowledge, in the United States, there are approximately a hundred bottles that will be crossing at the border. So, these crossings are known as land ports of entry. When your shipments are going to be transported internationally, there will be a border inspection service.

You need to get ready with all the proper customs paperwork. There are declarations accompanying other shipping paperwork that can definitely help you to shorten your time at the border. It will allow your shipment to be shipped as soon as possible internationally. 

But for your better convenience, you can also get help from a freight centre. Because it can completely make your life easier to transport your goods. So, transport your goods conveniently between the United States and Canada. It can handle all kinds of transportation every day and will definitely do the same for you as well. 


If you want to ship internationally, then there will be the most efficient way to ship your goods internationally. It will be transported in a cargo container by an ocean freight liner. Yes, the freight liner can be a great full hand this time. This is a giant boat that will be capable of carrying your goods easily. Moreover, it is built to accommodate more containers at one time. 

Therefore, ocean container shipping can be the best choice and the most efficient form of transporting your goods internationally. But now you might also know that it can be the slowest process to process your shipment as well. Yes, have an easy way with us as overseas freight.

If you want to transport your goods from China to the United States, it would definitely take approximately two weeks to five weeks to transport a container. Of course, there will be transit time that can vary depending on the US cost. Moreover, if we talk about shipping from China to the west coast, it would take less time than shipping to the east coast as well. 

Also, you can get help from the freight centre agent who will definitely guide you to the best course for your shipment. 


You might be aware that not all international freight is created equally. But if your shipment is dense and it has a small footprint and weighs more than 150 pounds, it will need a minimum space, so there will be other air freight shipping. This will be the best mode of transportation for your shipment and it will take less time. 

Obviously, these cargo planes are much larger than all those commercial passenger planes. Also, when they both require the same special FAA license, there will be a cargo freighter. This has a different deck and it will also have an oversized cargo door on the underbelly of the plane.

In addition to this area, there could be some newer Boeing fighters who might have nose cargo doors. This means the entire face of the plane lifts and, apart from this, other vehicles can easily roll in. 

And if we talk about the distance, there will be a distance of 130 feet from the nose to the back of the cargo freighter flight deck. Therefore, you can easily imagine how many goods can easily fly over our heads on a daily basis. 

What are the major benefits of international freight shipping services? 

Along with all this information, you can also have knowledge of all the major benefits of international shipping and know how it can easily benefit you and your business. Therefore, you should have complete knowledge of this. Thus, after knowing the benefits of international freight shipping, you can now go ahead with the international freight shipping process. 

Therefore, you can easily find better connectivity by having all the benefits of an international freight shipping services. 

Reach More Customers by International Freight Shipping (Air & Ocean)

With this benefit of reaching more customers, you can easily work by propagating your business. Also, render your shipping services to different countries conveniently. In addition to this, there are some clothing rental companies. As well, there are some meal subscription services that can do well as well by keeping their services domestic.

But there might be many e-commerce businesses that are missing out on sales and customer connections and decisions. It is only because they are not providing shipments internationally. So, in this case, there are international shipping companies that can definitely help you to easily navigate all the intricacies of international shipping conveniently. 

As well, international freight shipping companies are there to make it easier for you to expand your business in less time and with more convenience. As a result, by having international freight shipping services, you can easily expand your business to the global level. Also, you can easily reach more customers in less time.

Expand Brand Awareness

Not only that, but by using an international freight shipping service, you can easily increase your brand visibility and footprint as well. It can easily reach more people in less time. As well, there are many e-commerce companies that have more products in demand in other parts of the world. 

Also, if they want to send their shipments internationally, every business has a unique idea and service-providing way. In addition to this, if you have a small brand in the US and you have potential, then you can definitely be a major player in another country as well, by meeting all the demands of your customers where locals have not. Therefore, have convenient services of LGOA like International Freight Shipping (Air & Ocean) on time.

Mitigate Against Product Saturation

There might be trouble for an e-commerce company that will be dealing with product saturation. Suppose you have a product to sell and it is new and innovative, so as time goes by, there might be other sellers in the market with similar products. So, the market will become saturated and there will be a low scale of product.

But when you offer your products by international shipping, then your products will sell to many countries and to all geographic regions without any trouble and at a higher profit. 

Therefore, by having international shipping services, you can easily help you buffer against a sharp decline in sales. In addition to this, by having international freight shipping, you can easily have time to adjust all the market strategies in slow regions while still collecting revenue. 

Leverage American-Made Products

Furthermore, there could be a great move to get better revenue by leveraging American-made products. So, do you create your own products on your own? If it is, then there could be American-made products that carry a level of prestige in different countries overseas. For example, if you are creating a product in the US, it is completely in high demand in China, so you can definitely take advantage of international freight shipping. Therefore, you can easily meet the demand of the customers in China as well within less time.

Moreover, there is a study that is referenced by the e-commerce China agency that says that there are many products that China purchases from the US. These items might include cosmetics, personal care, mom and baby care, nutrition supplements, as well as fashion and accessories. Therefore, if there is an American made label on your marketing products that you are selling internationally to the international market, it will be a great selling point for you. 

Reduce Returns

There are many international customers who are less likely to completely return their orders for the products that they ordered internationally. Suppose they are ordering their products that are to be shipped internationally, so it would take a longer time to get delivered or shipped. Therefore, if they process the return, it might take more time. So, they may be subjected to customer charges at the borders. 

Along with this, these factors can detain them from making many returns after getting the shipment. And if your customer is completely not sure about what he or she is going to get, it might be that they are not likely to buy from you. 

For this, you have to be completely prepared. Furthermore, make sure that you are following e-commerce best practices when you are listing your products on your website, as well as if you want to reduce your returns and want to keep your customers happy. 

Because you know that a bad review can be more detrimental than a returned item from a customer. Hence, it can be a precarious issue for your website or your product quality. So, don’t let this happen and do all things in a perfect way and serve quality goods.