International Shipping

LGOA can provide you with assistance to save your costs, your time and reach more customers on a global level. We are here to provide you with a massive transportation service for international shipping. 

We are contributing to helping customers with international shipping. Also, we are there to provide you with better services efficiently, so that you can easily have the best way to serve people all over the world. 

As you might know, the international shipping process is a complex process. Additionally, there are many countries that have their own rules and regulations for both import and export. As well, it might be an arduous task to learn these laws. Therefore, suppose your freight does not meet compliance rules, it will not be able to pass customs clearance. 

In addition to this, the international shipping process requires collecting and distributing various documents and bills. Therefore, there will be a facility to monitor your freight on the way to its final destination and it might take time. 

So, for handling all types of situations, there will be a third-party logistics provider that can help you to easily forward your freight to successfully arrange international shipments. 

Also, if you have a large volume of freight, at this moment you may need more precise monitoring and additional services for your convenience. Also, it has become important to have services from a third-party logistics service provider for your convenience and to complete your shipments without any struggle. 

Why choose LGOA?

We cover all the entailments of businesses by providing them with trusted carriers. Also, we are giving the guarantee of good or more capacity dedicated freight brokers. Along with this, we are working on providing invoicing assistance for ocean air and oversized international shipping as well as checking all requirements for paperwork.

Additionally, we are there to dispatch and track and trace your freight. Also, we provide the best assistance in providing you with your freight insurance. Because you will be completely secured by this insurance against damage or loss in the future. 

How Does Global Shipping Work?

Here, we will let you know about the process of global shipping. As there is our team that takes care of all freight shipping processes. Furthermore, for this, we would need your addresses and the shipment information. As well, there will be a requirement for your customs broker information.

Afterwards, there will be a pick up for your freight from our carriers. As well, after the pick-up, the carrier takes the freight to the port. After this, your freight will be loaded for transit. Rather than other companies or third-party service providers, we are assuring you of providing the cost-efficient and most practical solution for your business within time. 

After completing the process, when your freight arrives, there will be a carrier in the destination country to pick it up. After picking up your freight, the carrier will deliver it to the final destination on time.

International Shipping with LGOA Logistics

LGOA Logistics is one of North America’s and we are one of the leading 3PL providers. Also, we have contributed to serving different businesses for many years with many years of experience. Not only that, but our logistics services also add value to your supply chain. Including this, we are working to arrange international shipping of any complexity for you.

What is international shipping?

International shipping is the process of importing and exporting freight internationally according to the requirements of businesses. In addition to this, there are goods being shipped to different countries via ocean, air, or over the road. Also, you can call it a complex process to move freight over borders. Because there are many rules and regulations that have to be adhered to on time. 

There are some specific policies related to international shipping that you should know about to successfully import or export your freight. Including this, there would be a collection of paperwork that has to be completed before exporting or importing your freight. All this will help you to pass your freight customs clearance easily without any trouble.

You must know that every country has its own rules and regulations and laws that have to be followed on time with complete safety and knowledge. Furthermore, international transportation is more intricate and some countries have stricter policies than others. Because, if you don’t adhere to their rules and regulations, they might forbid your import of certain products. For example, to better understand the concept, there is Canada that has a list of prohibited items to import items. Also, it has some specific tax regulations. 

Also, it is very important to learn all the regulations and use the best services for freight forwarding professionally.

What is expedited international shipping?

Moreover, there is expedited international shipping that is a service for moving freight more quickly than an economy service. In addition to this, there can be upto 5-10 days taken by an economy service to move your freight and deliver it to a specific location, like from one country to another. But if we talk about international shipping, it takes just 1-3 days on average to deliver the freight to the chosen location without any delay. 

We are completely providing expedited international shipping to have an option for buyers to take advantage of it. Also, if there is any requirement for a specific occasion, customers are ready to spend a little extra money to get expedited international delivery, so they can easily get their purchases soon. 

Quality service

By having quality services, you can easily accomplish your business goals. Additionally, we can handle the entire process from start to finish for you. There will be entire handling of transportation, customs clearance, as well as shipment tracking. Moreover, there will be complete freight protection from our services. 

Customs compliance

Along with this, we are working to provide better services to have a smooth and fast customs clearance process. For that, there should be a customs broker with whom we will work. If there is no customs broker, we will recommend one from our network of reliable specialists to provide services for you. 


There might be many common complications when you are shipping internationally your freight. Doing global shipping might be more complex than the domestic process. If there are long routes and multiple handlings, it can increase the risk of damage to your freight.

So, do you think without protecting your freight, you can do the shipment? It would not be secured if you did not get help from a third-party logistics service provider. Yes, there is a third-party logistics service provider that provides you with insurance for your freight. So, you can easily replenish your loss. 

Therefore, your freight will be absolutely protected. As well, while taking the insurance, there will be a complete analysis of the declared value of your freight for your better convenience. 

Expand your business with international shipping

When, as a business, you want to expand your customer base, it will be essential for you to grow your business. There might be many companies that started their business on the local scene. But for more information, if they want to sell their products globally, it could be a matter of time. Because for doing international shipping, there can be complete strategies and complete transportation modes for you. 

But it will absolutely increase your expenditure level. Also, you might get issues in handling the transportation and tracking it. But for your facility, there is an international shipping service that we provide you at a high level gives you a better way to ship your freights internationally. Along with this, you can easily secure your freight by having insurance on your freight.

As well, it gives you access to thousands of potential customers. Therefore, you can easily extend the potential of your company by selling your products internationally by using our services. Thus, we assure you that we will provide complete assistance for your freight tracking, tracing and handling of all shipments. 

Get familiar with the country’s rules and regulations-

Yes, it is very important to be aware of the country’s rules and regulations before doing international shipping of your freight. Because if you do not have complete knowledge of the rules and regulations of a particular country to which you are shipping your freight, there might be a problem that you can face. 

But there is no need to get worried about this because once you get the idea of all the regions that they are offering and the most immediate opportunities they are offering, you might be aware of country-based rules and regulations. Thus, check them before sending your products to that particular country. 

Also, there might be some countries that prohibit items outright. As well, there might be other countries that can limit the items. It will be beneficial for you to get information of the rules and regulations that exist. By having this complete knowledge, you can easily help your shipment with a smooth delivery.

How long does international shipping take?

Moreover, get information on how long it takes to do international shipping. So, for your information, it would depend on the size of your package or freight. As well, the shipping mode that you are using for the shipment will also take time. Apart from this, there might be some international shipments. So, it might take anywhere from two days to four weeks to deliver the freight to the location. 

Along with this, if you are using air cargo, it will be beneficial for doing international fast delivery of freight. Because when your freight is moving over the sea on cargo barges, it can take more time. 

So, conveniently have services from LGOA to do international shipping of your freight. Connect with us today to make your freight delivery internationally.