Metals Logistics

LGOA is a trusted third-party logistics provider which is an extremely experienced industry and it provides the best metal freight management services. Not only this, but we are completely providing our best services to all aspects of the metal supply chain, which includes mining and raw material producers. Furthermore, we are dealing with metal producers as well as providing metal service centers and processors for your convenience, along with industry suppliers and users. Therefore, use metals logistics for all business needs.

As we have a metal industry, there might be many challenges and some large and bulky equipment that must be there with the requirement of supplying special handling with an on-time delivery option to all those remote areas. Also, we are working to provide the shipping and also some specific materials and some over-dimensional items. To do all this, it will need a different transportation mode and some customized vehicles like flatbed trucks. 

Along with this, working with all types of carriers, there will be a need for strong industry expertise that will completely help to meet all those carrier management standards for safety, insurance, and delivery service reliability.  

Furthermore, if you want to make the transportation process easier, there will be a need to find a reliable logistics partner that will help you to provide more cost-efficient services for your company. 

 Supplying the global economy, there is an indispensable part which is metal shipping. We have years of experience in the industry and we assure you that we will provide comprehensive and better metal shipping services to your business through our metal freight management

Robust Network of Carriers

Also, LGOA has the vast and largest network of flatbed carriers as well as the best carriers, which have a better capacity to move your freight. If your freight is oversize and you need to ship it, we have a robust network of carrier resources that will help you ship it without any hindrance. Also, we are completely ready to provide you with better solutions with metals logistics. 

  • Flatbed 
  • LTL
  • Rail
  • Barge
  • Specialized freight

Smooth metals supply chain

Moreover, there will be a need for a maximum of flexible systems at the time of moving metals like aluminium, lead, copper, zinc, and nickel. So, there should be an immense capacity for extreme weight and old-size cargo. Therefore, we have been using some mobile loading platforms like cassettes and roll trailers. These can easily help to handle your cargo that is very heavy. 

In addition to this, DFDS was one of the first ferry operators to develop and completely use all those loading platforms. If you talk about pre-loading onto a mobile platform, that means there will be multiple coils that can move at once. So, that would be without the ship being anywhere near the port. 

Thereafter, there is no need to charter vessels and it can massively speed up your loading. Moreover, there will be other dispatching procedures. Along with this, there could be a possibility that you can easily move your metal cargo in one steady flow with metals logistics.

Moreover, storing the shipping items are good, so there will be a need for warehouse space. It makes it easier to transport all kinds of odd-sized metals that suit your supply chain.

Metals handling equipment designed for your needs

There will be a total cost of ownership that will be divided. It can only happen when you completely invest in and share metal handling equipment. Do it with the help of a pool of other vessels. Only then can equipment be actively utilized. 

In addition to this, there is our global equipment port, which has 11,000 pieces of cargo carriers. Also, a better security group is meant for your convenience and safety. Moreover, there are thousands of roll trailers and cassettes that will help with the moving and fast and easy handling of your cargo.

There can be some temporary modifications if necessary, and we are always trying to offer you the best flexible solutions. So, Have services from LGOA of metals logistics instantly.  

Moreover, we deliver quick solutions and provide cost-efficient and reliable shipments to you. That will be because of the large volume of steel across Europe and Turkey as well. 

  • We have some asset-based solutions that will cover all your entailments. These include own vessels, trains, trailers, and terminals. In addition to these solutions, we have containers and swapped bodies.
  • Also, we have a modern fleet of vessels that includes Ro-Ro, a side port. Moreover, there are some container vessels to facilitate your shipping.
  • The best equipment solutions and innovative mega cassettes can easily optimize your payload and provide cargo care.
  • Therefore, we have some dedicated steel terminals along with cross-docking. For better convenience, there are the best warehouse facilities to store your goods and materials.
  • With all those facilities, there is the special equipment for handling coil plates. Moreover, there are some billets, slabs, pipes, and tubes, bars, and rods in this special equipment handling.
  • Including all this, you can also have rail and road distribution services along with multimodal solutions.

Digital tools that make it all run smoother-

  • There is a DFDS control tower that will help to manage all the end-to-end metal logistics process completely.
  • Also, there will be 100% traceable cargo in real-time for your convenience.
  • Moreover, by including these facilities, we are contributing to offering EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions. This will help to provide proper and efficient data management of the metal logistics.
  • Not only that, but there will also be a user-friendly booking system. This will help with creating, editing, and tracking all bookings.
  • There is also an Online Warehouse Management System (WMS) that will keep tabs on your stocks and movements.
  • Significantly, the modern tracking system is also a helpful tool for allowing both the unit and the trailer. So, that will be independently tracked for information.