Oil & Gas

Conveniently, give responsibility to LGOA for handling any of your oil and gas transportation needs. We completely provide services including rail logistics, barge shipments, and long haul or regional flatbed trucking services at a reasonable price. Have Oil & Gas services from LGOA quickly.

As we have years of experience in freight management, we completely understand the critical nature of on-time delivery. Because, if you are moving your large freight to hardly accessible areas, you will be required to deliver your freight on time. As well, there might be different transportation modes and shipping storing hazardous materials that have to be completely shipped on time without any trouble. 

We are completely assuring you of our experience in energy services, along with a great relationship with over 50,000 trusted carriers. As well, we have our own innovative transportation management system. Therefore, we can easily make your supply chain machine run smoothly and efficiently without any hindrance. Grab Oil & Gas services conveniently with us.

Along with this, we have been dealing with a lot of business clients or companies or large industry shippers for whom we have been working to provide logistics management to move their freight more efficiently. 

There is our energy service or team that covers all kinds of obligations. All in all, it provides better services like full-service flatbed trucking as well as specialized transportation of equipment and materials. These services are for remote locations to move your shipments and deliver them on time.  Moreover, there are the best Oil & Gas services to do the shipment.

To Keep Your Business Running, We Offer Plenty of Services, Such As:

  1. LGOA is offering our services for casing and tubing delivery. 
  2. Rig site delivery is also available in our services.
  3. Long haul and flatbed trucking are available with us for freight of any size and weight.
  4. Line pipe and stringing are there to make your shipment easy in our management.
  5. Rail logistics services are there to conveniently provide you with the best results.
  6. Transportation of oilfield equipment is a completely different service along with supplies or production equipment. As well, there is an exploration and development equipment service for you.
  7. Storage and warehousing services are in LGOA, including special storage needs.
  8. Processing and inspection facilities can make you more confident in having heat-treating facilities.
  9. Barge shipments and port operations can make your work less to do.
  10. Freight management and engineering services are definitely worth your shipment.
  11. Hot Shot Services along with Trans-loading services are there with the energy service team to facilitate your freight.

Therefore, have a complete brief description of all the different services of LGOA that are being provided to you.  Without any delay, you can have Oil & Gas services.


If you want to make extremely large or heavy quick payments, it can be very challenging for you. Especially, in all those larger and heavy equipment when there are line pipes, tubing, drilling and rig equipment, supplies, drilling fluid. In addition to this, if there is a bulky cargo and similar commodities, we can finitely help you to make all the arrangements in a while. 

Along with this, you need to also ensure that you are completely providing safe delivery to the destination. Ensure that you are giving precise attention to the details of the freight as well. Because, all in all, having complete information about freight will be convenient for you to completely get an analysis of the load that is actually being shipped. Therefore, our service team help you in getting Oil & Gas services conveniently. 

Furthermore, if there are wells that are being drilled in unconventional places and they are hard to reach shale plays or they are in rig locations, it can be a very difficult way to access. Therefore, having such types of locations can create issues when you are trying to relocate your trucks to make all these deliveries on time. 

But there is no need to worry about it all because our team will definitely be there to communicate with each site in advance to understand all the specific requirements of that location on time. Therefore, by using this service type, we will completely ensure that we are providing the proper equipment. 


In Oil & Gas services, there is also line pipe delivery. Moreover, delivering line pipes to a location will be a very involved and specialised process. Because that will often require more attention to detail to completely ensure that everything is going safely and efficiently as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, there is a service team that handles line pipe orders on a daily basis. Also, it analyses the requirements for a stringing service. In addition to this, we have several partners with whom we contract so that they can easily provide us with two capable stringing trucks. Therefore, they will be capable of delivering to row as well as stretching all the equipment to handle triple random. Also, they would be able to handle quad random lengths of a pipe if necessary. 

Now, we are completely experienced at dealing with stringing contractors and inspectors. We will benefit you by contracting with them to ensure that your job goes smoothly from the beginning to the end. 


There might be many difficulties that companies may face while managing the process of shipping by themselves. Because of deadlines and a strict schedule in an already complex logistical environment, it can be an arduous task to get handled. But if you are having services from LGOA energy services, we are completely assuring you that we will provide you with the required assistance to enhance your business efficiency. Furthermore, we will eliminate all those wasteful operations and costs from your expenditures. 

It might be difficult for you to access remote locations and destinations. As there might be more drilling sites. All in all, there will be team members that will be able to communicate all of the details in advance or to completely figure out all the entailments. So that, they will be able to get your freight moved safely and on time without any trouble or delay. 

Therefore, for your better knowledge, we are completely contributing our services to oil and gas shipping without any fear. Because there is no load which is too big for our oil and gas shipping service providers. Thus, you will be aided in shipping with all the oilfield tools or equipment, valves, drill pipes, or general supplies, etc.


Additionally, we are completely trying to provide quality hotshot services to all deserving customers. Also, we are completely using the best technology and providing better quality equipment to do the shipments. As well as our team that works closely with the drilling contracts across North America. Yes, we deal with the oil & gas companies to ensure that they deliver the best-freight shipping services to you. 

There is an energy service team that is always taking time to completely learn all the customers’ and business demands. So that they can easily provide them with better solutions. Thus, it can be a transportation partnership for many years by completing the transportation requirements conveniently for you. 


Moreover, when it comes to oil and gas logistics or warehousing and storage, all these completely play an important role in this. It is necessary for specially equipped services. We process all the oversized supplies and hazardous materials carefully. Thus, if you have a business, it might be difficult for you to maintain your warehouses to keep your goods. 

But there is an alternative through which you can easily store your goods in our warehouses. We completely provide inspection facilities with complete management for storing your material without any trouble. There is our warehouse strategy that helps in eliminating the space and it stores the products with maximum efficiency.

In addition to this, we have a heat trading facility that is also for temperature-sensitive materials. So, that will be an excellent solution for your freight storage.


As in barge shipments and port operations, there are barges and vessels. Therefore, these play a significant role in expanding the capacity for moving oil cross-country and beyond in less time. Moreover, LGOA energy service providers take the liability for providing you with safe and convenient shipping services. Also, we have reliable carriers and advanced management tools. These will directly help you to make complex transportation seamless. 

In addition to this, we also provide direct discharge services. Our services will help you to handle inbound shipments to various ports around the country. Therefore, in our direct discharge services, we pick up pipes and other steel products from vessels located within ports. Also, we deliver all the products throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We deliver all the products via truck or rail with all the convenience.