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A Quick Guide For Shippers Looking For Freight Brokers

Whether you are a shippers looking for freight brokers or need a break from long hours behind the wheel or you are new to the shipping industry and eager to learn a new business. An existing career opportunity within the trucking industry is freight brokering. A freight broker is a person who acts as an intermediary between a shipper that has goods to transport, and a carrier that can haul the freight. It is the broker who arranges the transportation, tracks the load, updates the shipper on the status of the load, and keeps records of various deliveries and pickups. 

How one can find freight shippers brokers?

Transporters cannot search for the shippers directly; freight brokers connect shippers with various truckers. Now the question arises how to find freight shippers? Finding a freight shipper is quite easy nowadays. Because most of the shippers post on load boards or in classified. Some of the techniques by the benefit of which one can find shippers looking for freight brokers are such as –

Ask for the referrals – 

Your customers and suppliers are admirable sources and need to have their list of shippers they count on. You can rely on the network of contacts that possess to search for the freight shippers instantly. This is one of the simplest ways that qualified brokers use to search for freight shippers. 

Using load boards – 

There are many freight boards available on the web. Some of them are cynosure on a particular industry or region, the others are all-purpose. When searching for new carriers, one needs to use these truck freight load boards. These freight load boards endeavor you to post the details of your shipment and cast a wide net where interested forwarders can search your contact.

Making warm calling – 

Making the “cold calls” is not a rewarding business that rarely brings any new contacts to your list of shippers. On the other hand “warm calling” is another matter. One needs to consider purchasing a database of the freight service providers with the details such as company name, the number of employees, phone numbers, and products they ship. This list of shippers can be bought from verified suppliers. 

Checking out your competitors – 

This is one of the natural actions in every field as the business requirements to know the main competitive niche. Any freight broker can inspect the competition well, thanks to company websites and various other techniques. One can search for several companies they want to work with. Freight service providers of specific brands will be able to confer a good price for a particular course.

Use of various directories and internet sources – 

You can search for detailed information about forwarding companies in the book and guides. It is also possible to learn about the tariffs for different loads and make a comparison. Google is providing many opportunities to search for the data you want. Utilizing Google Maps can be quite useful for searching for the best shippers for brokers.

How much do shippers pay their freight brokers?

Some of the freight brokers can earn a base salary plus commissions while others are paid commission only. According to the Freight Wave 2019 freight brokerage compensation survey. The median entry-level salary for a freight broker is $40,000 per year with an average commission of 13% to 15% of the gross margin on the logistic loads.

Why do freight shippers need to use freight broker agents?

A freight broker is a licensed property broker that can use its network of carriers to ship shippers’ freight and much more other things. This much more can include things such as helping shippers to cut costs, move freight fast, and to remove the demands of traffic management and carrier sourcing from their operations.


These are some of the steps by the benefit of which shippers looking for freight brokers can successfully start their logistic business. As it is seen that some of the logistics need a boost. And with the right freight brokers, this can be obtained. So, focusing on the customer service experiences can keep customers flowing for the shippers. With the benefit of services such as the right technology package, radical visibility, and collaboration, along with some other avenues that expand communication, all of these things are possible.

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