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LGOA is a Global Supplier to provide all types of Transport Solutions. We are the best and reliable Logistics Service Partners to design custom solutions for adding value to your business.

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We Manage Lead Logistics for Leadership

LGOA is a bonded freight broker company and is a member of IANA (The Intermodal Association of North America), TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association), BlueBook, T&LC. Also, it is a federally regulated company that has been working for many years and has been maintaining its position of excellence with top tier ratings. Along with this, LGOA is a Freight Brokerage Company and delivering the best to its clients.

Brokerage Services

A brokerage service is vital and Classified as a transportation intermediary. In addition to this, we are an inevitable component of the shipping logistics industry to provide a valuable line of communication. Moreover, We offer better communication between companies shipping products and goods to their customers. As We are responsible for communicating with trucking agencies or actual drivers, transport, and complete the haul.


Shipping Services

Shipping Services are very important for buying or selling heavy equipment. As well as, we provide a good amount of transport of materials for your convenience. Therefore, You can send some heavy equipment like machines, vehicles or extremely large packages of either finished products or raw materials.




About Us

Provide a Reliable Services

LGOA is a logistic group of America that was established in 2006 and from that period we intended to create solutions to the trials authorized to us. We offer time-saving products and unique customer services to our customers proudly with the cutting edge technology. Our tactics are based on the practical, never-ending research that has the most effective results and back to back solutions for logistics.
Our Mission is to provide global expertise in logistics and offering our best practice services with actionable data across all modes. Moreover, we are delivering them at better platforms with complete convenience. Thus, We have the best transportation management and we are putting our endeavours in sharing the onus in the growth of our customers on a high level. We are a reliable Freight Brokerage Company to carry your orders of shipment anytime at great prices.
Moreover, Our Vision is to become the customer-oriented supply chain and providing solutions related to their requirement. We help you in providing innovative solutions. Also, we are contributing our best efforts to lead in providing the best services all over the world. Thus, this is an overall splendid service to provide all transportation modes and carriers in one place with us.

We Provide Future of Delivery


We are a regulated stately and certified merchandise Broker Company. Moreover, we are a gratified member of the TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association), T&LC (Transport and Logistics Counsel), IANA (The Intermodal Association of North America), CargoNet and BlueBook, etc..

Freight Management

We are driven to give you the secure import and export of goods. Also, we have a strong track record of meeting the foreign logistic and shipping needs more.

Custom Brokerage

All our custom clearance agents are experts in the conditions, requirements, and regulations at the local level. All this is the on-the-ground experience that allows the whole team to handle the administration activities more thoroughly for you.

Project Logistics

Our Project specialist of Lgoa is offering the best solutions who further handle the professional oversized and heavy cargo with the help of the necessary equipment.

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Jack Mehoff

Stephen Fray

Flooring Industry

Thank you very much for your team’s excellent assistance during the move. They were best and far and beyond the best move, we have ever experienced.

les Williams

Candy M

Flooring Industry

The team provides great pleasure as they have extended tools to our brands in supporting the logistics. The team has done a tremendous job of collecting all the shipments. They have shown great teamwork to ensure the supporting business. Well! Done Team.

Amita Bisht

Will H

Telecommunications Co

I would like to acknowledge your excellent service towards our goods related to our bikes for the launch. Many thanks for your support and help.

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LGOA is a trusted third-party logistics provider which is an extremely experienced industry and it provides the best metal freight management services. Not only this, but we are completely providing our best services to all aspects of the metal supply chain, which includes mining and raw material producers.
We have been serving businesses with many logistics services. Also, we have years of relevant working experience to provide good service logistics as third party logistics. Furthermore, in mining management, we are brilliant and there are many services that we provide for all aspects of the mining supply chain.
The retail industry has come into development with the help of e-commerce. There are more competitors than you can see in the market, and if you want to provide high customer service with quality products, as well as if you want to increase the bottom line, then having a smart supply chain solution could be the best thing for you to meet your customer demands.
Furthermore, if you have a retail business, then there would be the appropriate transportation you must have. As well as, you can easily supply effective retail logistics solutions to your customers with all their necessary entailment. Therefore, a smooth supply chain, as well as on-time delivery, is the best solution for you. Collaboratively, there should be the best safety features for your business. Thus, LGOA could be the best ally for you to resolve your transportation challenges.



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