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If you want to see growth in your business but not getting the right way to approach your clients to reach them. So, there is a way that can definitely help you to accomplish your business shipping requirements. Yes, that is a broker logistics and it is someone who works in the transportation industry.

So, the best broker logistics service Arranges transportation with a carrier, whether by road, rail, or sea, on behalf of the shipper, consignee, orfreight forwarder. Therefore, it also connects cargo owners with shipping companies and vice versa on a commission basis.

The LGOA (Logistic Group Of America) is seeking logistics brokers from all around the world to join our team. 

As We secure your safety in addition to this title by providing you with all of the benefits that come with working for the world’s leading logistics company.

Firstly, a Broker logistic is someone who works in the transportation industry.

For an agent, there are various clear benefits to working with us.

Also, We have years of experience providing consumers with on-demand logistics services at a fair price.

If you have freight management experience as a freight agency, LGOA can meet all of your needs.

Thus, To join our team, we’re looking for the best freight agency brokers.

We secure your safety in addition to this accreditation by providing you with all of the benefits that come with working for the world’s leading logistics company.

About LGOA (Logistic Group Of America) –

The LGOA is a bonded Broker logistics that belongs to the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) and the Transportation Industry Association (TIA) (Transportation Intermediaries Association) similarly.

In addition, we’ve been offering truckload and less-than-truckload to numerous freight brokers. Furthermore, we have a huge staff of Broker logistics, and if we are to expand our business to other countries, further we need more broker agents to join our organization as soon as feasible.

All commissions will be deposited into the 401k plan.   

Yes, we cater to all of a Broker’s logistics requirements by providing him with exclusive benefits for joining and working with us.

Furthermore, the LGOA (Logistics Group Of America) is a US-based professional association.

A large number of freight brokers work with us meanwhile earning commissions by meeting the targets for their goods and couriers’ orders.

Our services are now available in over 50 states throughout the United States.

We offer our clients the most accessible and cost-effective transportation solutions through our services.
Working for LGOA as a freight agent allows you to earn the maximum commission and gain the most skills.

What is the role of broker logistics?

A Broker logistics is an independent contractor who connects shippers and carriers.

He or she is the one who sets up the communication channel. As a result, you must maintain confidentiality as a freight agent. A freight broker plays a crucial role in all freight transactions

Can you make money in a variety of ways as a logistics broker?

Yes, he can further easily make both an hourly income and a yearly salary. Similarly, a freight agent is also entitled to a commission for processing shipments and other logistics services.

What are Freight Agents Earnings?

In addition to the information on employing a Broker logistics, further, let’s talk about the freight agent’s compensation or commission on the completion of his orders.

A broker freight agent’s income is $58,661 on average, however some freight agents are not paid but work on commission, with us providing 70% of the commission from 100% task completion. Meanwhile, if you’re not willing to work as a freight broker, it’s a great opportunity to make a limitless amount of money.

The 401K plan for employees at LGOA (Logistics Group Of America) gives enormous benefits to employees:

The advantages of a 401(k) plan for employees

  1. Firstly, you will be able to improve your financial security in retirement.
  1. Secondly, a number of deductions are also available, all of which are simple to set up.
  1. Further, for savers, there is also a credit option.
  1. In addition, employee contributions can also be used to lower current taxable income.
  1. Moreover, the contributions and investment gains are tax-free until they are paid.
  1. Therefore, you can build up such large retirement savings by making small regular contributions and earning simple interest over time.

LGOA is a logistics company founded in the United that was founded in 2006 with the goal of solving the issues that had been assigned to us. Therefore by using cutting-edge technology, we happily provide our customers with time-saving goods and one-of-a-kind customer care.

Importantly our ideas are founded on regular, practical research that produces the greatest results and back-to-back shipping solutions. In addition, we are a state-licensed and professional merchandise brokerage organisation.


Now that you have a basic understanding of the top, to sum up, Broker logistics firms in the market, think similarly about the services your company requires to identify the best fit for your supply chain.

From shipment to customs to storage, LGOA automates your freight supply chain and shipping process.

Hence the broker logistics of your supply chain can be handled by LGOA’s highly qualified team of shipping professionals. To request a proposal from the organisation, Contact us at 877-220-3169.

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