We are Hiring Freight Broker Agents

If you are the one who is seeking the opportunity to be a freight broker agent and want to earn limitless, then this platform is definitely for you to give a better light to your future. We, the LGOA (Logistic Group Of America), are looking for freight agents and brokers from all around the world to join our team. Yes, we are hiring freight broker agents as a priority.

Working with us has several obvious advantages for a freight agent. We have years of experience and have been offering shipping services to consumers at a fair price.

About LGOA

The LGOA is a bonded freight broker that is a member of IANA (Intermodal Association of North America) and TIA (Transportation Industry Association). In addition, we have been providing various freight services, such as truckload but less than truckload.

Furthermore, we have a high number of freight agents, and we need more freight agents to join our firm as soon as possible because we are to expand our business to other locations. As we are hiring freight broker agents, we will provide them with abundant benefits. All commissions will be added to the 401k plan’s benefit. Yes, we meet all of a freight broker’s demands by offering him unique perks for joining and working with us.

In addition, LGOA offers a 70% commission to its agents that work for the company. All obligatory and linked benefits, as well as 401k plan benefits, would be included in their salary.

Furthermore, the LGOA (Logistics Group Of America) is a professional organization based in the United States. A large number of freight brokers work with us and earn commissions by fulfilling their shipments and carriers’ orders on schedule. Our services have been made available in more than 50 states across the United States.

With our services, we provide our clients with the most convenient and cost-effective transportation options. Working as a freight agent with LGOA allows you to earn the highest commission and obtain the most skills.

What will be your role as a freight agent?

Our company is hiring freight broker agents and giving the best platform to them. Also, get to know first about the role of a freight broker agent. A freight agent is a self-employed individual who connects shippers and carriers. The freight agent is the one who establishes the communication link.

As a result, as a freight agent, you must maintain privacy. In all freight movements, a freight agent performs a critical role.

Salary for Freight Agents

Let’s talk about the freight agent’s salary or commission on the completion of his orders, in addition to the information about hiring a freight agent.

 As a freight agent, you can earn money in a variety of ways. Yes, he can easily earn an hourly wage as well as yearly pay.

Furthermore, a freight agent broker is eligible for a commission for processing orders for shipments and other logistics services. So, it’s a big opportunity for all who are interested in the recruitment of hiring freight broker agents.

If we look at the national average, a freight agent’s pay is $58,661, and some freight agents don’t get paid but operate on commission, as we provide 70% of the commission from 100% task completion.

What Is a 401(k) Plan and How Does It Work to profit freight agents?

Our organization will provide significant benefits to the freight agent who will be working with LGOA.

A 401(k) is a tax-advantaged defined contribution retirement plan. Different employers provide this account to their employees that work for them.

Yes, the employees will make contributions to their 401(k) accounts. In addition, some firms may contribute a certain amount to your retirement account.

As a result, being a freight agent broker for LGOA can provide you with certain additional benefits. So, let’s take a look at all of the advantages and benefits you may get from LGOA.

Employee’s perks with a 401(k) plan

  • The first advantage is that you will be able to boost your retirement financial stability
  • There are also a variety of payment deductions available, all of which are simple to set up.
  • There is also a credit option for savers.
  • Furthermore, employee contributions may be used to reduce current taxable income.
  • There are no taxes on contributions or investment gains until they are paid.
  • Even yet, by making small regular contributions and generating simple interest over time, you can build up a sizable retirement fund.
  • At any moment, retirement assets can be simply transferred from one associated employer to another.


Grab this opportunity of hiring freight broker agents because it can change your future. From shipping to customs to storage, LGOA, therefore, manages your freight supply chain and shipping process. The logistics of your supply line can be handled by LGOA’s highly competent crew of shipping professionals. Request a quote from the company by visiting or calling 877-220-3169.

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