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Above all to handle all of your regional, interregional, and hard objectives, use our basic freight shipping ups service. Therefore, direct shipments within the boundaries of the United States, as well as to and from Canada, are available. Thus, UPS Freight’s prime objective is to cancel freight costs for that shipment at the customer’s request. 

For applicable terms, conditions, limits, and remedies consult the current freight shipping ups102 series Rules Tariff, as well as any other applicable contract. Hence, it only applies to clients whose shipments are subject to the current base rate tariff.

How does freight shipping work?

So, freight shipping ups use a network of trucks to pick up smaller freight loads.

Lately, they transport them to a local terminal where they are unloaded, sorted, and reloaded onto an outbound truck with other shipments moving in the same direction to produce a full truckload of cargo.

Levels of Service

Freight shipping ups provides the following services:

  • UPS Freight LTL’s regular service: To fulfill your less-urgent needs.
  • UPS Freight LTL Urgent: When every second matters, rely on UPS.

Similarly, we use our seamless multimodal network to ensure that your crucial shipment arrives on schedule and in perfect condition.

What are we offering in shipping solutions?

  1. Shipping- From individuals to businesses, local to global, shipping services and technology are available to help you manage your shipping process.
  2. Tracking- Individuals, huge global sourcing, and everyone in between can benefit from monitoring and management technology.
  3. Billing- View and manage your UPS bills securely online, with extra features to help you get things done faster.
  4. International Shipping- Services, tools, and technologies to assist you in getting your items through customs and onto the market faster.
  5. Contract logistics- From global delivery to warehousing and returns management, we have the expertise and infrastructure to help you optimize your supply chain.
  6. Integrating UPS Technology- To improve activities and share information throughout your organization, integrate UPS technology into your systems or website.
  7. E-commerce- Find shipping services and technology tools to help you improve or start an online store.

How do we make way for you?

Although we expect to deliver roughly 10 million shipments in 2020, thanks to increased worldwide B2C volume from the rise in consumer e-commerce. In 2020, total revenue will be $2 billion. So our global footprint is in the United States and a few neighboring countries. Meanwhile, in developed and emerging markets around the world, we provide ups LTL freight services.

In addition to transportation, distribution, international trade, and brokerage services. UPS shipping tools and technology will help you establish efficiencies, centralize control, and save expenses. They even enhance productivity, whether you’re a little business or a large corporation. Thus you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re shipping the best manner for your business with greater choice and better insight.

So, take a step ahead of the competition by using freight shipping ups services to reach out to your clients. Furthermore, that’s over a thousand employees working across the United States with one purpose in mind:

For whatever size shipment, we organize fleets of LTL and truckload vehicles. Whether you’re moving goods across town, across the country, or across borders, you can rely on our on-time, on-budget less-than-truckload, and truckload services.

What things Ground Freight Shipping has included?

Truckloads– here we have facilities for you like Dry van, temperature-controlled, open-deck. As well, there are other services that are available for you through a non-asset-based network of over 40,000 carriers in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. 

There are also services for accelerated, high-risk, cross-border, and project freight.

Less than truckloadsOur freight shipping ups solutions are sized to meet your changing needs. So you may match your shipment size even if you don’t have a full truck to fill. 

To optimize savings, our firm will assist you in identifying mode conversion opportunities.

IntermodalLengthy travels of more than 600 kilometers have a lower carbon footprint (1,000 km).  As we are completely adroit with having great experiences and having better Contracts with all Class I railroads in North America.

Cross border ground freight- Our firm uses a deep North American carrier network to deliver you capacity when and when you need it. Thus, whether you’re shipping northbound or southbound. 

Hence, we find the best carrier for each job, handle the crossing logistics, and keep track of your cargo throughout the procedure.


Above all, make an appointment with us to receive the finest rates and offers on freight shipping ups services in the United States. In addition, we work with the assurance that our clients’ needs will be met.

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