Conveniently move your truckload shipments with LGOA as we deliver the best consequences with truckload shipping on time with the best size and scale for you.

Have the best truckload shipping at good truckload rates as this is the primary mode of over the road trucking. Moreover, you can have knowledge of transporting freight in quantities that can apparently fill the entire truck trailer on priority without any issue.

As well as the truckload shipping has different modes or uses more trailer types, those are included-

  • Dry Van
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated
  • Specialized
  • Intermodal
  • Multimodal
  • Drayage

There is a piece of additional information that a standard truckload trailer can conveniently haul up to 43,000 – 45,000 lbs. Moreover, the standard truckloads help in shipping weight more than 15000 lbs. There is one more thing that it consists of more than 10 pallets.

If you have a large volume of freight, though, truckload shipping can be a great option for you as a shipper. Along with this, if there is any case of shipping to long distances, it can be helpful in this.

Also, if you need cost savings and speed in delivery of shipping and reliability, you can grab all in one that is truckload shipping.

Truckload tracking capabilities

Just know the truckload capabilities that can offer you many benefits, like there is TMS that is completely scalable and customizable as well as user friendly. Moreover, it can finitely help in saving your money and time by integrating your existing business systems. The TMS helps in optimizing shipments and provides consolidated billing for more clarity of billing. Therefore, it will also help in gaining visibility into freight moves, performance as well as costs.

The truckload broker can help you with getting these truckload services collaboratively. On the other hand, there is a macro point integrated into our TMS due to the help of advanced technology software. Even though, you can have the high-end tracking features to have all the benefits of truckload shipping.

  • By having truckload shipping, you can get real-time multimodal visibility.
  • There will be also on-time Automated status updates for your convenience.
  • Also, there is an advanced search and filtering feature that can make your work easier.
  • There is also the feature of providing accurate Carrier performance reporting.
  • Including this, there is a temperature monitoring system that is configured for refrigerated shipments.

Benefits of Truckload Shipping with LGOA

Before getting a truckload shipping, it would be mandatory to know all the benefits that truckload shipping can provide you. So, there are small shippers as well as large companies that use all these truckload shipping services for their transportation solutions. Therefore, if you have enough freight to fill in the trailer, then there would be a complete benefit that you can grab from FTL. All truckload rates will be less than your expectations.


With the best new technology system software, there is a proprietary transportation management system that allows you to quickly manage all the truckload shipping. These will be shipping on one platform, including this with our transportation management system. We make all the carriers available to move your load within seconds and there is no need to wait for long to get them to your assistance. Additionally, it doesn’t matter what type of trailer you need because or services are there to provide you with the best carrier to deliver all the truckload freight efficiently.

As well as we are working on providing you with truckload shipping effectively, along with this having TMS services on there will be flight movements management can be easily done in less time and through which you can easily focus on your core business objectives to get your committed consequences. 

Carrier Network

Talk about the carrier network, we have more than 50,000 qualified carriers. As well, these carriers are regularly evaluated for a higher standard of safety and services. Along with this, for each trucking company in our network, we provide a service scorecard that is given to you. Therefore, we assure you that your freight is being hauled by an experienced carrier. So, there is no need to worry about your freight management and its tracking. As well, carrier networks are more than enough and capable to provide better capacity and resolve your truckload shipping service issues on time.

Cost Savings

Every business that is running in the meantime, wants to save its costs. Therefore, they might search for different alternatives that can easily give them that endorsement whatever they are looking for. So far, for the shipment of truckload freight with the LGOA, there will be truly high-cost savings. As well, we are providing a free freight analysis with some spot shipments. Additionally, we have dedicated lanes and we are completely experienced. Thus, we assure you that we can now move your freight on the drive, flatbed and refrigerated trailers conveniently. 

Truckload Services-

In addition to this, there are different truckload services that you can opt for having services of truckload shipping. Therefore, there are numerous services that you can easily grab to make your shipment easy and cost-effective without delay and without wasting your time. 

Industry Expertise

If you have any shipping needs, our experts will handle all those shipping needs. As well, we have years of transportation and logistics experience to accommodate the best services for our customers. Therefore, along with our industry knowledge, we are able to find some innovative solutions for you. These solutions can finitely resolve your issues and can produce lasting results for your bottom line. Hence, it is our responsibility to build more effective supply chains for your business. 

Dry van freight services

In freight services, you can perfectly get the best carrier for every load. So, we have an extensive carrier network that can completely help you to give you a more secure capacity. As well, we have more than 50,000 qualified carriers that can provide the best assistance. This best assistance and help is feasible by utilizing the best approaches to make the most reliable outcomes in the industry.

Refrigerated shipping

In terms of refrigerated shipping, we have been dealing with the best refrigerated shipping services. As there is no need to perplex when you have any kind of a shipment that you need to transport on time. So, these refrigerated shipping services are being monitored by our experts. Collaboratively, we are providing the required temperature for your products to give them significant security. Also, we have been trying to provide you with better safety and cost-effective services.


When you are grabbing services of truckload shipping, it will provide essentially faster services rather than LTL. Also, this happens because there would not be any frequent stops during transit using truckload shipping. Furthermore, in comparison to this, the LTL services might get late. This might be because their route would include multiple stops to drop off and pick up freight. Yes, the drop-off and pick up freight can be from different shippers that might take time. But with having truckload shipping services, that truck will dedicate itself to your load. Thus, it will make your transit time shorter. 

Less handling

In the case of having services of truckload shipping, there will not be any kind of stops. As well, having this type of transit service would significantly reduce the chances of cargo damage. Because there would not be any halt or stop at different locations. So, finally, it would give complete security to your goods that are picked up and going to drop off only once at the decided location.